carmel california

Carmel-by-the-Sea is an incredibly beautiful and charming small town on the Pacific Coast in central California. Carmel, as it’s frequently shortened to, is almost too pretty to be real. The town is full of lush gardens, narrow tree-lined lanes and houses that look like something out of Hansel and Gretel. If there’s ever a reason to use the word quaint in a positive way, this is it.

carmel california

The city is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and a rich artistic history. The area has long been a draw for painters, writers and even Hollywood royalty. Clint Eastwood actually acted as mayor of the fine city in the 1980’s. Even now the city has a surprisingly electric art scene.

Carmel’s convenient location, just about 100 miles/160 kilometers south of San Francisco, makes it a popular spot for romantic weekend getaways. It’s also the gateway to Big Sur, California’s most beautiful region. And as the longer version of the name suggests, it is by the sea.

carmel california beach

Wonderful white beaches are waiting to be discovered in Carmel

carmel california

carmel california big surcarmel-by-the-sea california big sur


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