Tropical Nights in Singapore

singapore chinatown

Those tropical nights in Singapore can be suffocatingly hot. For some reason the air seems even hotter and more humid after sunset, enveloping around your skin and squeezing until you sweat more than should be humanly possible. The air literally slaps you in the face every time you go out. Still, there is a certain charm to those nights.

singapore fog

Most nights are so hot that camera lenses will fog up after visiting air-conditioned areas

singapore after dark

singapore chinatown

Regardless of the relentless heat, Singapore’s streets are always very lively after dark. Restaurants all over the city – with ceiling fans doing their best – fill up with happy people looking for fun. Chinatown is especially crowded at night, with near endless options for nightly activities.

singapore night

singapore night

Marina Bay is less crowded, and one of the best spots to get a look at modern Singapore

singapore night

Hot or not, Singapore is definitely worth exploring after dark!


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