Salsa Dancing on Lake Zürich

salsa cruise lake zürich switzerland

One of the most memorable nights of my very memorable life was definitely the wonderful warm summer evening I spent salsa dancing on a boat while cruising around the beautiful Lake Zürich in Switzerland.

It was all so wonderfully weird.

salsa cruise zürich

Zürich is a wonderful summer city with a plethora of activities and summer traditions. One of the most beautiful and absurd of these traditions is definitely the salsa cruises on Saturdays, where you can give in to the rhythm while the sun sets behind the mountains and thousands of lights begin to flicker in the surrounding city. I’m not much of a salsa dancer, but luckily I’ve never been someone who would let their complete ineptitude stop them from doing things.

zürich switzerlandsalsa cruise zürich

I’m not sure if I should blame the warm midsummer’s eve, the intoxicatingly fresh air or all them aperols, but all of a sudden I found myself completely wasted.

Somehow the salsa seemed a lot easier after that. I actually have a video on my phone from the cruise that I found the following morning and watched with trepidation… In it, surrounded by happy and well-dressed people, on the back deck of the boat, is a slightly shabby gentleman with his shirt unbuttoned, dancing with no shoes on.

At first I wondered why they’d even allow the maniac on the boat, but then I (unfortunately) remembered that it was the same maniac who tought me salsa later in the night, twirling me around the deck and bending me ever so beautifully. Well, what happens on a boat, right?

lake zürich switzerlandsalsa cruise zürichlake zürich

Possibly the most beautiful moment of the cruise came just as the sun began to set and the city lights began to appear all around us. The music and the boat’s motors began to calm and the boat continued its glide into shore. Even as I was climbing off the boat, I was ready for another salsa cruise. Such an amazing experience, I would wish this even for my worst enemies!

lake zürichlake zürich switzerland


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