What I Ate in Toronto


Toronto is an incredible city for foodies, full of tastes from all around the world. The most ethnically diverse city in the world offers every possible cuisine you could ever imagine, but a native Canadian flair also remains.

I enjoyed pretty much everything I ate in Toronto, from the bacon bagels for breakfast to the dill pickle potato chips I crunched on to cure a hangover. Here are my absolute favorite flavors from Toronto:

Maple Syrup

maple syrup canada

You can’t really talk about Canada and food without mentioning maple syrup. There are several grades, all with unique taste profiles, all tasty. I had it on pancakes, I had it on waffles, I had it on sandwiches… Basically it’s good on anything!


poutine toronto canada

Poutine is a French-Canadian classic that originated in Montréal, transforming the french fry into a hearty dish with some squeaky cheese curds and a dark gravy. Poutini’s House of Poutine (1112 Queen St W) has the best selection of poutines with an amazing variety of options.

Peameal Bacon Sandwich

peameal bacon sandwich st lawrence market toronto

The peameal bacon sandwiches at St. Lawrence Market are a living legend, and rightfully so. The minimalistic sandwiches are simply perfect.

The Legendary Apple Cake at Mystic Muffin

mystic muffin toronto

This quirky Toronto diner (at 113 Jarvis St) has a sign outside that says “World best apple cake must be eating age for a slice”. And it’s no lie, it really is the best. Moist yet crumbly and incredibly delicious.

Tacos at Seven Lives tacos y mariscos

seven lives tacos torontoseven lives tacos toronto

This Kensington Market favorite (located at 69 Kensington Avenue) serves authentic Tijuana style tacos and attracts very long lines at almost all times. Their fresh seafood tacos are worth any wait, though!

Cuban Sandwiches & Cocktails at La Cubana

la cubana torontola cubana ossington strip torontola cubana ossington torontola cubana ossington toronto

La Cubana has two locations in Toronto, but my favorite is the smaller and more relaxed one at 92 Ossington Avenue, in part because of the cool atmosphere of the trendy Ossington Strip and partially because it’s just across the street from my next favorite…

Weird Flavors at Bang Bang Ice Cream

bang bang ice cream torontobang bang ice cream totaro london fog torontoThis micro-sized ice cream shop on the  Ossington Strip (93 Ossington Ave) has some of the most inventive flavors I’ve ever seen. My personal favorites are London Fog and the beautifully purple Totaro.

Insane Burgers at The Burger’s Priest

the burger's priest toronto

I have a bad habit of not eating the top bun of my burgers, but that’s something that I would never do at The Burger’s Priest (several locations in Toronto), because they’ve replaced the buns with grilled cheese sandwiches. As I’ve always said, extra cheese makes anything better.

Soft Serve Ice Cream at Sweet Jesus
sweet jesus torontosweet jesus toronto Sweet Jesus (106 John St) is a fun little ice cream parlor with massive soft serve cones in any flavor you can imagine. The Red Velvet is one of my favorites, but I’m also partial to the Birthday Cake, which comes with a candle on top… You can definitely expect a long line outside, especially on a sunny day, but these treats are worth the wait.

Donuts at Glory Hole Doughnuts

glory hole doughnuts toronto

Glory Hole Doughnuts (1596 Queen St W) has some incredibly flavors such as Lemon Meringue Crunch and Hibiscus Rose, but my favorite is definitely the cherry pie donut!

west queen west toronto

Nanaimo Bars

nanaimo bar toronto st. lawrence market

My absolute favorite pastry in the whole wide world, nanaimo bars. I had never even tried them before I walked into St. Lawrence Market in Toronto a few weeks ago and nabbed a slice. Immediately I knew that life was worth living. This 3-layer treat is incredible. Just incredible. Worth a trip to Toronto just on its own!


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