Yachting in Dubai

dubai marina


Dubai may just be the perfect city for yachting enthusiasts; even though it is in the desert, it was pretty much made to be explored by boat. The unique coastline of the city is at its best when viewed from sea, and spending time on your own yacht gives you some leeway on the strict laws of the Arab nation. So let’s hop on a yacht and get some champagne for everyone!

dsc_03292dsc_01994In Dubai, yachting isn’t just a beloved pastime of the elite. Luxury yacht rentals of all shapes and sizes are astonishingly moderate in price, especially if you rent one with a larger group of people. Dubai is all about luxury and excess, but here it’s accessible to (almost) all.

With the crew taking care of the actual boating, you can just relax and enjoy the views with a plastic cup of cold champagne in hand. Isn’t that the best possible way to spend a sunny day at sea?


One of Dubai’s popular beaches seen from the sea


Gliding towards Dubai Marina



Some of the yachts in Dubai are practically cruise ships

dubai marina

Dubai Marina is perfect for a sail-through

dubai yachting

More champagne, please!

dubai burj al arab

All of Dubai’s legendary sights are easily seen while yachting along the coast


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  1. This looks awesome! I would love to go and champagne for me too please 😛 Although I wish they’d upgrade their cups to plastic champagne glasses (I can understand why they wouldn’t use real glass), those plastic cups aren’t really very luxurious, LOL!


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