Luxembourg City

luxembourg city

I only had one mental image of Luxembourg before I visited the tiny nation: I envisioned a land of lush green valleys and hills, maybe a house or two sprinkled here and there. Sitting on the train from Brussels to Lux I was greeted with exactly the scenery I was expecting. Green, green, green, a lonely house, more green.

Turns out, the train ride lulled me into a false sense of being right. When I finally arrived in Luxembourg City, the capital of this European mini nation, I found out that the city is surprisingly urban – just like an actual city!

luxembourg city

Yes, Luxembourg City is full of those same green valleys and hills as the rest of the region, but they also have buildings that are actually taller than people. The city’s old town is exactly how you would expect a Central European old town to be. The Ville Haute is atmospheric, elegant and calm. Beneath the calm and quiet facade the old town is actually filled with lively squares and rowdy restaurants where ripples of conversation in several languages mix with loud music.

luxembourg city

luxembourg city

The city center is what really surprised me in Luxembourg. For a city with less than 100 000 inhabitants, it felt like most of them were walking the streets with me, or to be precise, walking really slowly in front of me.

The smallest capital city in Europe, Luxembourg City doesn’t have a long list of activities. It’s definitely worthy of a visit, but I personally would prefer to spend more time in the country’s idyllic countryside.

luxembourg city


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