Summers in Suomenlinna: Helsinki’s Sea Fortress

suomenlinna helsinki

suomenlinna helsinki

suomenlinna helsinki

Suomenlinna plays a big role in all my summers. This former maritime fortress just off the coast of Helsinki is a wonderful place to spend a sunny summer afternoon. There are a lot of interesting things to explore on the island, including a brewery and a creepy doll museum.

Sometimes I like to take the ferry to Suomenlinna on my own and just wander around, maybe pick some wild flowers and listen to the sounds of the sea. However, my favorite thing to do there is to have a picnic with friends. The more, the merrier and the hotter, the better.

suomenlinna helsinki finlandsuomenlinna helsinki finlandsuomenlinna helsinki

suomenlinna finland helsinki

suomenlinna helsinki

suomenlinna helsinki finland

One of Helsinki‘s finest features is the fact that the entire city is basically built on an archipelago, and you can easily island hop your way around the city without a boat of your own.

Ferries to Suomenlinna depart from Market Square in central Helsinki. The boat trip takes about 15 minutes and since the island is actually inhabited, the ferries run frequently.

suomenlinna sunset finland



  1. This looks absolutely incredible! Love your pictures 🙂 xx


  2. Have you been to the marina in Suomenlinna? It’s a nice setting for a drink even if you don’t come with your own boat! 😎


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