Moondance Festival: Clubbing in a 15th Century Croatian Castle

trogir croatia

Trogir is a perfect slice of quintessential Croatia. Palm lined promenades dotted with flashy luxury yachts, fantastic outdoor restaurants standing in the shade of beautiful limestone buildings and a magnificent old town with a maze of narrow alleys. All this, surrounded by the clear turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea.

trogir clocktower croatia

trogir croatia

You could easily spend a week exploring the historical treasures of the region, which include the Kamerlengo Fortress at the edge of Trogir’s lively promenade. But you don’t have to do all the exploring during the day…

This 15th Century castle and fortress could be content with just being a pile of rocks among many others, charging visitors an unreasonably high entrance fee just to walk around the old structure. Luckily the Croatians have just enough of that Eastern European spirit to organize EDM festivals in the castle instead.

kamerlengo fortress croatia trogir

One of the best festival experiences I’ve ever had anywhere, Moondance Festival is a must for anyone looking for something offbeat for their next festival visit. I happened upon the festival by chance and decided to take a quick peak by myself, but soon found myself at the center of a new group of friends, dancing until morning.

trogir croatia

sunrise trogir ciovo croatia

The sun was already rising as I stumbled back to my hotel after an incredible night at Moondance


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