Finding Joy in Copenhagen

copenhagen denmark

Copenhagen is a beautiful city with unique charm, almost like a small town that just happens to have a lot of people in it. There are roving rivers and calm canals with beautiful wooden boats gliding about at a steady pace, lush greenery and colorful buildings, and happy people everywhere. There’s a certain joy to life in Copenhagen that you can’t find anywhere else.

copenhagen denmarkcopenhagen denmark

Denmark is known for groundbreaking design, smørrebrød and the happiest people in the world

copenhagen stroget denmarkcopenhagen denmark

copenhagen denmarknyhavn copenhagen denmark

The beautiful historic Nyhavn is one of the highlights of the city

copenhagen nyhavn summernyhavn copenhagen summer

As I said, there’s a certain joy to life in Copenhagen that you can’t really find anywhere else. It’s difficult to explain, but try strolling around the sunny streets of Copenhagen on a warm summer day and you will feel it. And after sunset the city really comes alive and a whole new set of joys presents itself…

jagermeister icetivoli copenhagen denmarkcopenhagen nightlife

Blurry night scenes in Copenhagen

copenhagen ice

The ice is broken

axelborg denmark copenhagen


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  1. I love the images along the river, beautiful houses and adorable boat!


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