The Authentic Side of Aqaba

aqaba jordan

Aqaba is located at the southern edge of Jordan, on the sunny shores of the Red Sea.

aqaba jordanaqaba jordan

The country is bordered by Israel in the West, Saudi Arabia and Iraq in the East and Syria up North. From the Gulf of Aqaba you can clearly see four countries from one spot – Jordan, Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia – mountaineous terrain ominously rising from the sea all around you in a million shades of sand.

jordan desertaqaba jordanjordan

I saw some eyebrows raised when I told people I would be going to Jordan. I guess it’s understandable. The region has been under unfortunate upheaval for far too long, but luckily Jordan has remained mostly safe so far. Instead of danger and doom I found a beautiful land with an amazingly kind people and a refreshingly authentic atmosphere.

aqaba jordanaqaba jordanaqaba jordan spice souk

A wide selection of exotic spices at Aqaba’s spice souk

aqaba jordan soukaqaba jordanaqaba jordan

Local fashions on the corner of Al Faris Street and Baghdad Street

aqaba jordanaqaba jordan

There is a strange beauty to the gritty scenery of Aqaba

aqaba jordan beachaqaba jordanaqaba jordan beach

The beach is a popular hangout spot for locals of all ages

aqaba jordanaqaba jordanjordan street food

Aqaba has an amazing selection of Middle Eastern street food

aqaba jordanaqaba castle jordanaqaba castle jordan ruins

Aqaba Castle is in ruins now, but it’s definitely worth exploring

al shami restaurant aqaba jordanjordanian food

Jordanian food is incredibly delicious, and Jordanians really love to eat!

künefe jordanian baklavaaqaba berenice beach club jordanaqaba jordan

Aqaba has several 5 star hotels with lavish pool areas and beach clubs – luxurious getaways from the city streets

aqaba jordanaqaba jordan

aqaba jordan
aqaba jordanaqaba jordanThe delightfully colorful Aqaba is a heartfelt and welcoming city. The city has very little in way of actual tourist sights, but it does have fantastic restaurants and beautiful beaches.

The city is surprisingly verdant, like an oasis surrounded by sand, but as soon as you go beyond the city limits you will be greeted with vast deserts, inhabited only by camels, goats and a small number of bedouins.

For all its earnest authenticity, the most authentic Jordan is still waiting beyond Aqaba.


aqaba jordan

jordan desert


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