Hollywood Dreams

hollywood sign los angeles

Hollywood is a place of dreams and it’s a place that lures in dreamers.

The young girl from Oregon who dreams of being a singer, who packs all she has into one small bag and leaves her small town existence behind in the dark of night, waking up in the morning to see palm trees through the bus window. She dreams of being a star, but she ends up a waitress.

The boy who was a happy child, always smiling. He loves to perform, he thrives on it. He quits high school and moves to Los Angeles, using his endless optimism to believe that everything will work out. He dreams he’ll be discovered on the streets. Four years go by and now he lives on the streets, without a home, without a future, without dreams.

Hollywood is a place of dreams, but dreams rarely come true.

hollywood sign los angeles

The Hollywood Hills are an icon of the neighborhood, with spectacular views over the grotesque beauty of Los Angeles. Widespread and vapid, full of highways leading nowhere, an inhospitable environment to humans. Legends are born here. Legends live and die here.

hollywood sunset boulevard los angelesscientology celebrity centre international los angeles hollywoodhollywood los angeles

Hollywood has a very glamorous image, but reality can be very different

hollywood los angeleshollywood los angeles

Hollywood is called a dream factory, but often it also consumes and devours dreams and dreamers alike, spitting out only the hollow husks of people who wanted to be something. Hollywood is not an easy place to make it in, but the potential rewards are so big that the beating heart of the global entertainment industry still pulls in new dreamers every day; most of them ending up somewhere very far away from their dreams.

los angeles hollywoodlos angeles hollywood

Hollywood Boulevard is long road of insanity, filled with legendary sights and hordes of tourists

egyptian theater los angeles hollywoodgraumann's chinese theater los angeles hollywood

hollywood boulevard los angeleshollywood walk of fame los angeles

hollywood los angeles

East Hollywood – closer to parking lot than paradise

hollywood los angeleshollywood los angeles
hollywood los angeles

The legendary Hollywood sign is ever present in the background

hollywood los angeleshollywood motel los angeles

hollywood los angeles

Some dreams may fade in Hollywood, but this is not hate mail to a harsh neighborhood; this is a love letter to a legendary place, filled with fame and infamy, shadows and sunshine. Hollywood is a place unlike any other, worthy of every bit of its legendary status.

hollywood los angeles

los angeles hollywood


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