Staying at a Castle in Tuscany

castle tuscany italy

Staying at a castle in Tuscany may seem like an impossible dream, but it’s actually surprisingly easy – several ancient castles in rural Italy are now used as vacation rentals or B&B’s. There’s also an abundance of fantastic luxury villas all over the country, but while there’s nothing wrong with summering at an Italian villa, being king of a castle – if just for a while – sounds so much better when you’re telling your friends all about it afterwards!

castle italy tuscany

tuscany italy toscana

Many Tuscan castles have a tower with wonderful views like this

italian castle tuscany

tuscany italy

You’re never far away from a vineyard in Tuscany…

tuscany italy toscana

tuscany italy

Many castles and houses in Tuscany have their own patron saint statue outside protecting the estate

italian castle tuscany

tuscan villa italy pool

What’s better than spending a sunny day by the pool whole admiring some amazing views?

That’s right, food.

italy tuscany summerwine italy tuscany

italy tuscanyitaly tuscany

italy tuscany toscanaitaly tuscany pasta

Food is obviously a huge part of any trip to Italy, and even more so in Tuscany. You can go to any small village and find amazing restaurants offering authentic regional fare. Still, with such fantastic fresh ingredients in rich supply, I always like to try some Italian cooking myself. Renting a castle provides the perfect setting for candlelit dinners in the garden, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves and rolling hills with tall cypress trees. It’s an experience like no other.

italy tuscany

tuscany italytuscany italy toscana chiantituscany italy toscana


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