Singapore’s Trendy Kampong Glam

singapore kampong glam haji lane

There’s a little bit of old-fashioned Arabia hiding in Singapore. The Kampong Glam neighborhood offers a wonderful and vibrant window into the country’s rich multicultural history and colorful traditions.

Formerly home to Malaysian aristocracy and Sultan Hussein Shah of Johor, the area became increasingly prominent in the 1800s, but its best days are definitely not long gone – nowadays it’s one of Singapore’s trendiest neighborhoods, with narrow alleys covered in colorful graffiti and old peranakan shophouses occupied with more and more fantastic restaurants every day.

kampong glam singapore peranakan

haji lane singapore

The beautiful and lively Haji Lane is the beating heart of the neighborhood, with an abundance of interesting shops and boutiques and a never-ending stream of stylish locals from all backgrounds. Kampong Glam is Singapore at its best: a clash of cultures painting a beautiful picture.

haji lane singapore

haji lane singapore

Wandering through the streets of Kampong Glam is like moving through a living art exhibit

kampong glam singapore

kampong glam singapore

Singapore is filled with the contrast of old and new side by side

kampong glam singapore

turkish food singapore kampong glam

Kampong Glam is full of Middle Eastern restaurants but you can just as easily find almost anything here

haji lane singapore


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