Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak

hong kong victoria peak view

Hong Kong is too often condensed into that one picture that we’ve all seen in a friend’s instagram pic, that endless sea of insanely tall buildings with the harbor in the middle and lush green mountains surrounding the city. The view from Victoria Peak.

hong kong victoria peak view

The city is so much more than this one view, but the appeal is obvious – Victoria Peak definitely has the best views of the entire city. It may not be original but it is beautiful.

hong kong victoria peak

hong kong victoria peak

Most people take the Peak Tram up to the top and head to a viewpoint on the roof of the shopping mall to take that iconic picture of the city. That is one way to do it. I myself prefer to stay away from the suspiciously squeaky tram, always stuffed with too many people and always with a long line to it. Taxis to the top are surprisingly inexpensive and if you have too much energy you can even climb up pretty easily!

victoria peak hong kong

At the top I would definitely forget about the shopping mall and their viewpoint (with an entrance fee) and instead explore the Peak. There are great trails going all around the hill, offering great views from different perspectives. You might even spot some wildlife while exploring the area.

hong kong victoria peak

hong kong victoria peak

The views are always awe-inspiring, but they become even more magical when the sun goes down and millions of city lights begin to flicker on.

hong kong at night

hong kong victoria peak



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