Warsaw’s Cool and Gritty Praga District

warsaw praga

Warsaw’s Praga District spent decades as a dark and dangerous spot on the map that no decent respectable person would want to visit. Guns, drugs and violence ruled the decrepit streets and only the poorest of the poor lived in the crumbling buildings.

As often happens with neighborhoods like this, the life of crime had to make way for bohemia, as artists and designers found new homes in the abandoned warehouses and factories of Praga. Nowadays the area is an emerging hipster hub for alternative art and culture.

warsaw pragawarsaw pragawarsaw praga
warsaw praga

warsaw praga neon museum

The Neon Museum is one of the absolute highlights of Praga, as well as all of Warsaw. The immersive experience is incredibly fun, surprisingly educational and ridiculously ready for some instagramming.

Muzeum Neonów, Mińska 25

warsaw neon museum

warsaw neon museum

Abandoned neon signs leaning against the walls of the Neon Museum

warsaw praga

warsaw praga

Praga has an abundance of great restaurants at the moment. One of my personal favorites is Warszawa Wschodnia’s Zone 24/7. Always open and always delicious, this open plan kitchen offers up simple and delicious grub in a classy industrial setting.

warsaw zone 24/7

warsaw soho factory praga

warsaw soho factory

More Restaurants in Praga

Szklarnia, Mińska 25

Viadomo, Gocławska 9

warsaw praga

Praga is incredibly vast, but its heart beats around cultural collective Soho Factory, with several great restaurants, galleries and the aforementioned Neon Museum within walking distance. The nearby area also has a booming nightlife for those looking for alternative fun.

Bazar Rózyckiego (Targowa 54) is an outdoor flea market nearby that is ridiculously rundown and incredibly varied. From what I hear, you can get anything from wedding dresses to passports or pistols here.

warsaw praga

warsaw pragawarsaw praga

warsaw pragawarsaw praga

warsaw neon museum



  1. Jackie

    Wow that neon museum looks amazing!


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