Sentosa: Singapore’s Best Beaches

sentosa palawan singapore

Singapore might not be known primarily for its pristine beaches, but I’m telling you: maybe it should be. The island of Sentosa is a lush tropical paradise with wonderful beaches, connected to the mainland by bridge and located only a short drive away from the center of this tiny city nation.

sentosa singapore beach

sentosa siloso beach singapore

To be totally honest, most of this paradise is man-made, but that rarely detracts from the experience. Even the freight ships at sea fail to make this anything less than the perfect spot for a day under the sun.

sentosa beach club singapore

The island’s coastline is dotted with fun restaurants and beach clubs

sentosa palm trees singapore

sentosa palawan beach singapore

Sentosa has an astonishing amount of activities on offer, including all sorts of amusement parks and museums, but for me the glory of the island lies in its beautiful beaches. Just pick a quiet spot and settle in for a relaxing day at the beach!

sentosa palawan singapore

Sentosa has three great beaches, but my favorite is definitely Palawan Beach, located in the center of the island’s coastline. Just offshore, connected by a suspension bridge, is the island of Palawan – which happens to be the southernmost point of continental Asia.

singapore orchidssentosa palawan singapore

sentosa palawan singapore

Crossing the bridge from Sentosa to Palawan is an adventure on its own

sentosa beach singapore

sentosa singapore

The view tower on Palawan offers fantastic views

sentosa singapore

sentosa singapore

sentosa palawan singapore

The small island of Palawan is also lined by sandy beaches

sentosa singapore

Sentosa is serviced by a free tram, perfect for beach-hopping
sentosa tanjong beach singaporesentosa singapore beach

sentosa palm trees

sentosa singapore


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