A Piece of Film History in Turin

torino turin italy

Torino or Turin is not necessarily one of those cities that’s a really popular weekend getaway. It doesn’t have the legendary historic sights of Rome or the wild nightlife and excellent shopping opportunities of Milan. Still, Torino deserves a chance.

torino turin italy

The capital of the Piemonte region, this surprisingly lively and cosmopolitan city is a slice of ultra-authentic northern Italy. The unique cuisine of the region is strongly represented in the city’s numerous restaurants and the atmosphere on the streets is stereotypically Italian. At the same time there are calm and quiet nooks of solitude all over, with narrow alleys and small piazzas surrounded by exquisite architecture. The biggest sight in the city is probably the Mole Antonelliana, a tower with excellent views over the city.

torino turin italy

torino turin italytorino museo nazionale del cinema

torino turin italy

Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Italy’s National Museum of Cinema is actually located within the tower, so actually it’s two of the city’s biggest sights packed into one. The museum’s exhibitions are spread out on a platform circling the inner walls of the tower, circling slowly upward. You can also take the glass cube of an elevator up to the observation deck and enjoy the pieces of film history while walking back down.

museo nazionale del cinema torino

The museum has a lot of fun items that would excite any film fanatic, such as masks and outfits worn on set of the original Star Wars, Audrey Hepburn’s personal copy of the script of Roman Holiday, full of her hand written notes, and the Oscar dresses of several actresses, including Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and Cher.

cher oscar dress torinostar wars chewbacca national film museum turin

torino turin italy

turin italy

For those not into film history, the city’s main draw is the authentic north Italian atmosphere

turin italy


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