Tallinn’s Medieval Old Town

tallinn estonia old town

Tallinn, Estonia’s colorful capital, is one of my favorite cities in the world. This tiny metropolis has a wide range of excellent restaurants, a surprisingly wild nightlife and impossibly trendy neighborhoods.

Above all else, the city has the most amazing medieval Old Town.

tallinn old town estonia

tallin estonia

Tallinn’s Old Town is full of street artists

tallinn old town estonia
tallinn old towntallinn old town

tallinn old town estonia

The Medieval Old Town has a very unique atmosphere

tallinn estoniatallinn old town
tallinn estonia

Tallinn’s Old Town can be very touristy, especially during the warmer summer months, but the area is big enough to always have a few cobblestone streets with some calm and quiet left – perfect for imagining yourself a part of some medieval adventure saga!

The best thing to do in Tallinn is to just get lost on the narrow alleys of the old town, admiring the colorful buildings, moody basement restaurants or lively outdoor markets.

As the sun begins to set, the neighborhood goes from historic sight to grown-up playground as wild nocturnal animals traverse the streets, bar hopping until the sun eventually comes up again.

tallinn estonia

tallinn estonia

Once a wealthy trading port bustling with merchants from Germany and Denmark, the city’s modern port is nowadays mostly used by ferries running frequent connections to Helsinki, Finland. Finnish people have a habit of visiting Estonia to take advantage of the much cheaper prices, especially for alcohol, so naturally the port is often bustling with drunken Finns.

Nevertheless, Tallinn is a great day trip from Helsinki; or Helsinki a great day trip from Tallinn!

tallinn estonia



  1. My fave place for a day trip! And so easy from Helsinki 🙂


  2. Nice photos, Tallinn really is a beautiful city 🙂


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