Big Sur

big sur california

Big Sur is a legend completely worthy of its status. The incredible beauty of the Californian coastline has been an inspiration to artists and writers for decades and continues to do so still. The region feels totally removed from the stress of the modern world, and every view is as pretty as a painting. The air smells clean and fresh unlike anywhere else in the world.

pacific coast highway big sur california

pacific coast highway california big sur

PCH or the Pacific Coast Highway is one of the world’s most beautiful routes for a road trip. The highway snakes along California’s coastline, offering wonderful views all along the way. At its best the PCH is definitely in the Big Sur region. Located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, this thrilling route is also one of the most famous road trip routes in the world. Another legend completely worthy of its status.

big sur california

big sur california

Big Sur lives a peaceful existence on the Pacific coast

post ranch inn big sur

Organic architecture at Post Ranch Inn, the region’s finest hotel

big sur redwoods california

Big Sur is much more than a rocky coastline. Head inland and you’ll find historic redwoods, with many trees older than the country they’re in. The region has several state parks with wonderful hiking routes. Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is a personal favorite. Expect to see babbling brooks with fresh water, wild deer running in the forests and dolphins frolicking under waterfalls on the coast.

big sur redwoods california

wild deer california

Wild animals are a common occurrence in Big Sur

california redwoods big sur

big sur californiajulia pfeiffer burns state park big sur california

big sur californiamcway falls big sur california

McWay Falls is one of Big Sur’s best-known and most beautiful spots

big sur california

big sur california

The #1 activity in Big Sur: relax and enjoy!



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