Dubai Marina

dubai marina

The man-made metropolis of Dubai’s Marina neighborhood is awe-inspiring for many reasons. The beautiful green waters of the marina, filled with luxury yachts; the lively Marina walk with its various restaurants, cafés and shops, perfect for people watching; the gilded skyscrapers rising high above it all, glittering gloriously when the Arabian sun hits them. What strikes me most about the area, though, is the fact that none of this existed 15 years ago.

dubai marinacayan tower dubai

Actually most buildings around the Dubai Marina have popped up within the last five years, and I imagine the skyline will look drastically different 5 years from now. At this very moment, 24/7 construction sites are working on the next set of high-rises, climbing higher and higher up toward the sky.

dubai marinadubai marina

The 8-kilometer Marina Walk goes all around the Marina, offering wonderful views of the area

dubai marina

Luxurious pools are hidden on the rooftops of most buildings around the Marina


As the name may suggest, Dubai Marina is a wonderful place to be if you’re into yachting. The beautiful marina opens up to the Persian Gulf. If you don’t have the energy to cruise all the way to Doha or Bahrain, just cruising along the coastline of Dubai is a wonderful experience!

dubai marina



  1. Anja

    Very beautiful pictures of Dubai!


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