Outdoor Pancake Party in South Karelia

southern karelia finland

The Land of a Thousand Lakes

Finland isn’t called the land of a thousand lakes for nothing. Actually the nickname is a severe understatement, as there are approximately 188 000 lakes in the country. These lakes are beloved hangout spots for locals, no matter what the season.

In the summertime youngsters jump into the clean blue waters from the cliffs; in late summer and early autumn the lakelands are bustling with people picking berries and mushrooms from the ample forests. In the wintertime it’s best to keep warm while at the lake, with some hot cocoa and sweet treats.

southern karelia finland winter

finland winter

South Karelia is at the heart of the Finnish lakeland, wrapped around Saimaa, the biggest lake in the country. The region, lined by the Russian border to the East, has a rich cultural heritage and an abundance of clean natural attractions. They also have the best pancakes.

muurinpohjaletut finland

Muurinpohjaletut are a Finnish national treasure. The thin crêpe-like pancakes are traditionally cooked outdoors, on an iron griddle set up on a firepit. The exact translation of the name would be something like bottom of the wall pancakes, because the firepit is made with the same bricks as a wall.

muurinpohjaletut finland

The pancakes are best served with homemade apple sauce or raspberry jam; perhaps even some fresh berries. In the wintertime a hot cocoa takes the tasty experience to a whole other level. And this treat can only be eaten outdoors!

finland southern karelia

southern karelia winter

Most people in Finland have summer cabins or lake houses. The bigger cities tend to become rather empty in the summer as everyone moves out to their summer houses, but these houses are happily visited even in winter. With views like these around, it’s no wonder.

southern karelia finland winter


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  1. South Karelia, but where? BTW, my father was shoemaker. 🙂

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