Tokyo’s Best Views

tokyo metropolitan government building view japan

Tokyo is an immense and disorienting city, seemingly spreading without end in every direction. A new city in a new country can always feel somewhat disorienting at first, and that feeling can be especially strong in the biggest city in the world. In situations like this there’s one thing I always feel helps: climb higher.

tokyo japan

tokyo metropolitan government building view

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is my favorite of the various observation decks in the city, and for many reasons. First of all, the panoramic views are amazing. On a clear day you can see Mt. Fuji. The observation decks are rarely crowded. On my two visits there I was mostly joined by locals. The convenient location in Shinjuku is also a huge plus. Oh, and it’s free!

tokyo japan

tokyo japan

How to Get There

The Tocho-mae station on the Oedo Subway Line is located directly below the building. It’s also only a short walk away from the very popular and centrally located JR Shinjuku station. Once there, just follow the signs and take an elevator from the ground floor of building 1 to one of the two twin towers, 202 meters high. Both observatories have nearly identical views of the incredibly widespread cityscape.

I recommend going just before sunset to get the most memorable views!

tokyo japan sunset

tokyo japan

tokyo japan


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