Staying at a Sicilian Vineyard

baglio oneto sicily

Staying at a Sicilian Vineyard should be mandatory for anyone searching for happiness. The rural Italian island is full of charming old villas and castles that have combined their centuries-old winemaking traditions with a modern flair for hospitality.

And there’s nothing like staying at an Italian vineyard.

baglio oneto sicily italy

Baglio Oneto Resort was my choice of accommodation when in Sicily. At first I was mostly seduced by its close proximity to the city of Marsala and the wonderful vineyards of the area. As I arrived to the castle-like main building, driven high atop a hill through lush vineyards and olive groves, I was completely charmed by the natural beauty of my surroundings.

baglio oneto sicily

sicily italybaglio oneto sicilybaglio oneto sicily In Vino Veritas

The best thing to do while at an Italian vineyard is, of course, to try some wines. Most vineyard-adjacent hotels offer tours of the actual vineyard and cellars with a tasting of their wines.

Local grape varieties include Nero d’Avola, Inzolia and Zibibbo. The jewel of the island is definitely the sweet fortified wine Marsala, most famous for making tiramisù so irresistible.

baglio oneto sicily italian vineyard

Bottles of Inzolia wine from 2001 maturing in the cellars at Baglio Oneto

sicily italy

Olive trees on the grounds of Baglio Oneto near Marsala, Sicily

sicilian olive grove italy

sicily italy

baglio oneto sicily italy

Sicily is the perfect setting for a relaxed vacation and slow sunsets

sicilian vineyard italy

florio vineyard sicily marsala

Touring the vineyards in Sicily is quite easy, even if you’re not staying at one. Most of the bigger vineyards have daily guided tours and the smaller vineyards are happy to welcome even surprise guests and will proudly present their own wines whenever they have the time from actually making the wines.

Florio is one of the biggest wine producers on the island, and the premiere producer of Marsala, the legendary sweet fortified wine that is synonymous with Sicily. Their cellars are definitely worth a visit!

florio marsala sicily

sicilian vineyard marsala

sicily italy


The Sicilian way of life is very laid-back. Don’t expect things to happen on a tight schedule and don’t stress. The islanders are never in a hurry to go anywhere and the small-town relaxed mindset is surprisingly contagious. Spend a week in Sicily and you’ll find yourself walking at half the pace you used to! marsala sicily italy



  1. Stunning! Thanks for sharing, seems like something to consider for future travels 🙂


  2. Anja

    Bella Sicilia!


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