12 Hours in Riga

riga latvia winter

Riga is a city of surprising charm. The Latvian capital has never been on the top of my Must See list, but a chance visit to the city changed my mind completely. So far I’ve only ever spent that one day in the city, waiting for a connecting flight to Tel Aviv. 12 Hours were not enough for a city as lovely as this, but it was a great beginning, a scratch to the surface of a wonderful city.

riga latvia winter

Above all else, the medieval Old Town is enchantingly beautiful, especially in the soft caress of winter. The narrow streets and quaint squares are filled with charming cafés and boutiques. Warm up with a cup of hot cocoa, buy some roasted chestnuts from a street vendor and get lost in the maze of streets.

riga latvia

Riga has excellent shopping options from modern department stores to smaller boutiques. An excellent place for shopping, and also a sight in itself, is the Riga Central Market. Housed in old Zeppelin hangars, this market hall has a vast array of local delicacies, fresh fruit and veg as well as other fun items.

12 hours well spent.



  1. Riga is a really beautiful city, it is really nice ot just walk around in the old town. 🙂


  2. I’ve been to Riga twice now and really like it. The Old Town with it’s pretty buildings is lovely.


  3. Riga has begun to interest me a lot, more and more people seem to be visiting – and I’ve only ever heard good stuff! Lovely pictures!


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