Tallinn’s Trendy Telliskivi

telliskivi tallinn

tallinn telliskivi estonia

Tallinn: The Rugged Beauty of the Baltics

Estonia’s lively yet small capital is probably best known for its lovely old town, and for good reason – it really is a beautiful and very charming old town. Nowadays there’s another neighborhood in Tallinn that’s grabbing the headlines, though – the trendy Telliskivi district.

This industrial chic area is located only a stone’s throw away from the old town and the city center, but the atmosphere is a world of its own, somewhat reminiscent of the gritty feel of Berlin or Warsaw.

Wonderful industrial architecture, beautiful street art as well as excellent restaurants and bars are at the heart of the neighborhood. Brave art galleries and various pop-ups liven up the area even more. The nightlife is wonderful, especially during the summer months.


f-hoone tallinn

F-Hoone is my favorite of Telliskivi’s wonderful selection of restaurants. The relaxed bistro offers a hectic yet cool atmosphere, excellent service and delicious local delicacies. The varenyky dumplings and Estonian dark bread are definitely worth a try!

f-hoone tallinn

The delicious varenyky dumplings at F-Hoone

tallinn telliskivi

tallinn telliskivi

Colorful street art in Tallinn’s Telliskivi

tallinn telliskivi

Pudel and Pokaal share a lively and sunny terrace that fills up with happy revelers late into the fall. Pudel concentrates on craft beers while Pokaal is an excellent wine bar. Both are an excellent way to spend a sunny day – sipping on a cool beverage and people watching.

tallinn telliskivi



  1. I love the food at F-hoone. From the sounds of it, I’d like to visit Pokaal.


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