Amazing Algarve

algarve portugal

algarve portugal beaches

The Algarve, located at the southern edge of Portugal, is an amazingly beautiful area filled with adventure. The area may have a bad reputation as a tourist trap, but in reality there’s a lot more to it. The ruggedly beautiful coastline is especially beautiful near Portimao, Alvor and Lagos, far enough from the nearby (and truly overrun by tourists) Albufeira. Here you can actually find a little place – or sometimes even an entire beach – all to yourself.

algarve portugal

algarve portugal beach caves

algarve portugal

The impressive rocky coast is filled with small beaches, cavernous caves and tunnels and imposing rocks rising from the ocean, some as high as buildings.

During low tide you can walk along the coast for miles, exploring the caves along the way. Some of them are massive and labyrinthine, some just the size of a small room. Some have skylights.

It’s important to be careful, though. As high tide comes in, it’s easy to get trapped in these caves. I spent too long admiring an especially beautiful cave and had to get wet to get out of it. It didn’t matter too much, though – the Algarve’s sunny weather helps you dry up fast!ponta da piedade portugal

Ponta da Piedade is another natural wonder in the area. The vast area of rugged rock formations and caves delights the coast and offers wonderful opportunities for hiking, boating and exploring.

ponta da piedade portugal



  1. Great photos of the Algarve!


  2. Great photographs! I wasn’t a fan of the Algarve as such, because I felt like it was so ‘english’ but i’m sure that it was only because I stayed in the wrong place… 🙂


    • Thanks! I can understand why you felt that way; some places I visited were also a bit too ‘english’, but luckily there are still some small nooks of authenticity left as well!


  3. Lovely pictures 🙂


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