Behind the Scenes at Paramount Pictures

paramount pictures studios

paramount pictures hollywood

Paramount Pictures has a longstanding and legendary history with Hollywood and its stars. Over the last century the studio has been home to everyone from Gloria Swanson to Rudolph Valentino in the silent era, Marlene Dietrich and Mae West in the golden age of Hollywood, and countless others since.

Paramount has produced an incredible array of classic movies such as Rosemary’s Baby, The Godfather, the Indiana Jones films and Titanic. The studio is also behind my absolute favorite TV show, Frasier. A tour of the studios in Los Angeles offers a wonderful peek behind the scenes of a major Hollywood studio and into all that rich Hollywood history.

paramount pictures hollywood

paramount pictures oscar

The studio’s Oscars for Best Picture include Titanic, Braveheart and Wings, the first Oscar winner ever

paramount pictures hollywood

New York in Los Angeles

The studio lot has a miniature copy of New York City, seen in several films and tv shows, now used mostly for shows such as Castle and (during my visit) CSI. It’s a fun and surreal experience to walk the streets, especially since they were also partially covered in snow when I visited the studio on a very hot November afternoon.

paramount pictures los angeles

The studio also has several other interesting areas, including lush green parklands, small town streets and shady back alleys just waiting for a dead body to be found on. Some alleys between the sound stages also have great views of the Hollywood sign!

paramount picturesparamount pictures castleparamount pictures hollywood


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