Antibes: The Prettiest Pearl on the French Riviera

antibes france riviera

Antibes is the quintessential French Riviera city. This beautiful and underrated gem has a charming old town with narrow alleys leading to lively restaurants and bountiful outdoor markets. The clear turquoise waters are lined by white sandy beaches to frolic on.

The city also has an ample dose of that jet set glamour, with flamboyantly luxurious yachts often making stops in the city’s marina. Earlier this year, during the Cannes Film Festival, Charlize Theron even chose the charm of Antibes instead of it’s neighboring Cannes, and I don’t question her choice – it doesn’t get any better than this!

antibes france

antibes france

An abundance of options at the local markets

antibes france spicemarket

antibes france

antibes france riviera napoleon

Even Napoleon called Antibes home once upon a time

antibes france

antibes france

antibes france riviera

A lone fisherman defies the “fishing prohibited” sign

french riviera

Blue on Blue

antibes france riviera

antibes france

picasso antibes france

Antibes is also home to the Picasso Museum – Picasso was another one-time resident of the area

picasso museum antibes france


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