Los Angeles: Land of Donuts

california donuts los angeles

california donuts laLos Angeles can be a symbol for many things, varying from person to person. For some it’s the city of angels, for another it’s the capital of cinema while for others it’s a beacon of glamour. For me, it’s a city of donuts.

Even before I ever visited the city, I had these images in my mind of 24/7 donut shops in nondescript strip malls on the side of a highway, frequented by insomniac writers sipping black coffee and waiting for that fresh batch. Well, my mind has never been as right about anything – that’s exactly what donuts in LA are like!


Donuts are ever present in Los Angeles, and finding the best one from the hundreds and hundreds on offer can be a daunting task. I don’t claim to have tried nearly all of them, or even half of them, but here are my current two favorites.


california donuts los angeles

California Donuts, 3540 West 3rd Street, Koreatown

california donuts la

This extremely popular Koreatown joint is open 24/7. The donuts are always fresh and there’s almost always a line, even in the small hours of the night. The donuts are delicious and over the top indulgent. Try the fun panda donuts or the maple glazed donuts with bacon on top!

hollywood sign los angeles

sk's donuts los angeles

SK’s Donuts & Croissant, 5850 West 3rd Street, La Brea

best donuts los angeles

This slightly dingy donut shop is naturally located in a nondescript strip mall a few blocks east of The Grove shopping mall. Don’t let the modest surroundings fool you: they make the best donuts in the world.

SK’s Donuts became an instant favorite. They definitely have the best dough in their doughnut. They’re so good I had almost finished eating my first donut before I even remembered to take a pic… My absolute favorite is the simple glazed one, but they’re honestly all good!

donuts los angeles

los angeles

california donuts los angeles


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