Miami Beach

miami beach

miami beach

Miami is many things at once, each more colorful and more enticing than the next. Downtown has a fun feel of urban decay, Little Havana gives visitors a peek into the latin roots of Miami and Bayside functions as a gateway onto Biscayne Bay and the oceanic side of Miami.

The riotously loud Miami Beach centers around Ocean Drive, with swaying palm trees and colorful art deco buildings offering a beautiful setting for flickering neon lights and a never-ending rhythmic thumping that sounds like a mixture of Celia Cruz and an EDM festival. The street is filled with half naked show dancers, tattooed calfs, Swedish blondes and rowdy latinos. It’s like Las Vegas on the beach. Especially South Beach or SoBe is a playground to the young, the beautiful and the newly rich.

the clevelander miami beach

The Clevelander and the flashing lights of a never-ending happy hour

ocean drive art deco miami beach

The colorful art deco architecture of Ocean Drive

biscayne bay miami

The calm side of Miami – Biscayne Bay

miami beach

The beach is a big draw in Miami

ocean drive miami beach

It’s easy to sense the proximity to Latin America in Miami. There’s a constant scent of barbequed meat, chili and lime in the air. The streets are full or old, beautifully restored cars. Pretty much all the locals speak Spanish, some of them exclusively. The biggest splash of latino atmosphere is on Española Way, a lively street full of fun restaurants.

ocean drive miami

avalon miami beachmiami beachmiami beachmiami

Miami is actually comprised of several islands, explaining the high number of boats

cameo miami

cameo miami beachmiami beachespanola way miami

The lively Española Way

miami florida

biscayne bay miami

Miami’s different islands are connected by Causeways

miami florida

bayside miami

downtown miami

Downtown Miami and Bayside are living change. New high-rises are popping up with increasing speed as the formerly middle class area is taking in more and more wealthy inhabitants into the freshly built luxury condos.

You can still see that not everyone can afford those penthous condos. Many of the side alleys have small dive bars and diners, with lonely souls sitting at the bar, looking for answers at the bottom of a whisky glass. Everyone seems to be on their way somewhere, though very few seem to have a clear idea about their destination.

brickell smoke shop miami

downtown miamiumami burger miami


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