Discover Kotor Bay

herceg novi sailing

Montenegro was on my wish list for the longest time before I actually made it to the small European nation, nestled between Croatia and Albania in the Balkans. I had visions of lush green valleys, rugged mountain ranges and medieval villages, a land filled with natural beauty, undiscovered by the masses.

My first impressions may not have met all my preconceived expectations, but as soon as I climbed onboard a boat in Herceg Novi and set sail towards Kotor Bay I began to find what I was looking for.

kotor bay montenegro

Kotor Bay is incredibly beautiful, the turquoise waters lined in all directions by strikingly staunch mountains. If not for the stifling heatwave of early August I might have mistaken myself to be sailing in Norway’s fjords…

kotor bay montenegro

kotor montenegro

Kotor, the village that lends its name to the beautiful bay, is a tiny old fortress town, surrounded by walls and mountains and filled with a unique atmosphere. Discover the narrow alleys and imagine times gone by or sit down on a sunny terrace and try local delicacies.

kotor montenegro

kotor montenegro

kotor montenegro

kotor bay montenegro

Perast is probably the prettiest village in the bay. Apart from a few small restaurants and quaint inns there isn’t really much to do, but with views like these it’s easy to just sit back and do nothing!

kotor bay montenegro

Abbey of St. George and Our Lady of the Rock are located on small islands in Kotor Bay

kotor bay montenegro

The clouds make way for sunshine after a rainstorm on the bay


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  1. Oh wow – this place looks stunning. This country is firmly ON my wish list. I really really want to go! Great photos!


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