LA’s Best Views: Griffith Observatory

griffith observatory los angeles

Los Angeles is an immense void of nothing and everything spread out across a vast land. You don’t really understand how big the city is until you climb a bit higher and get to see the bigger picture. There are a few fantastic places to do this, but my favorite is definitely Griffith Observatory.

griffith park los angeles

griffith park los angeles

Griffith Observatory is described as a monument to public astronomy on their official website, and that it definitely is, in the truest sense of the word. It’s also a monument to the city of Los Angeles. Situated on Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park, the art deco Observatory has been a symbol of the city since the 1930s.

The spot opens up to incredible views across Los Angeles, all the way to Downtown LA in the east and the coastline of Santa Monica and Venice to the west. For decades this has been the perfect place for a romantic sunset date or just a friendly gathering under the stars. It’s also where I chose to spend my birthday this year, so I’m speaking from a place of knowledge when I say it’s great for special occasions!

los angeles griffith observatory view

griffith park los angelesgriffith observatory los angeles

In addition to those unparalleled city views and the atmosphere of a cool and classy Hollywood film from the 1940s, the place has a fantastic view of the Hollywood sign.

The views over the hills and of the sign are especially pleasing during sunset, when the air around the sign turns to a wonderful golden hue. Naturally the sunset also does wonders to the view on the other side!

hollywood sign los angeles

griffith observatory los angeles

sunset los angeles

los angeles sunset

In just a second the sky goes from a burning orange to a cool blue. More and more lights flicker all over the city, and the lights look to be waving in the horizon like a sea of lights. It’s a surreal and memorable experience that makes you feel really small and then makes you feel good about feeling really small.

griffith observatory los angeles

los angeles

griffith observatory view LA

los angeles



  1. Janice

    Incredible pictures, Los Angeles looks so beautiful!! Especially the sunset! 🙂


  2. tt

    Griffith Park also has great views for sunrise, try it sometime if your up early!


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