Autumn in New York

autumn new york central park

New York City is my favorite city, always has been and always will be. There may be short periods of time when I prefer Los Angeles or London or any other city, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the biggest place in my heart is always reserved for New York.

new york city top of the rock view

new york city

new york city public library

The city is always filled with a special kind of energy and verve, but my favorite season in the city is definitely autumn. You can catch a buzzy Broadway play, go skating at the 30 Rock ice rink, grab some brunch in the Meatpacking District or stroll around the idyllic Greenwich Village.

One thing that you have to do, above all else, is Central Park.

central park autumn new york

central park new york fall

Central Park is of course the best place to enjoy the blaze of colors that is foliage in the fall. The entire park goes from green to a thousand shades of red, orange and yellow. Grab a chunky sweater and an unreasonably large scarf and join the locals, strolling through the park on a sunny Sunday or try rowing on the lake. I know it sounds incredibly clichéd and somewhat vomit-inducing, but the fall is really a magical time in New York.

new york central park fall

new york central park

30 rock ice rink new york

30 Rockefeller Plaza’s Famous Ice Rink

halloween new york

Halloween decorations near Wall Street

brooklyn bridge new york

brooklyn bridge nyc

Brooklyn is getting better and better every day, with exciting new restaurants and hotels popping up everywhere. It’s not always about the destination, though. Walk across Brooklyn Bridge and make that the journey is the destination platitude a truth!

staten island ferry new york

statue of liberty new york

The Staten Island Ferry is a great way to get closer to the Statue of Liberty

empire state building

times square new york

new york city

macy's new york first snow

New York City in October is supposed to be beautiful and sunny, with red maple tree leaves falling gently to the ground. Well, not every year. In 2011 I was caught in a snow storm that came out of nowhere. Not that it mattered, though. New York City is pretty even in a snowstorm!

new york public library

new york city autumn

new york city rooftops


The best time to catch the foliage in Central Park is late October and early November. As an added bonus, you get to spend Halloween in the city. Just be prepared for that surprising snowstorm if you’re unlucky enough!


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