Falling in Love with Fall in Helsinki

autumn helsinki finland

I’ve always loved the fall. After a hot and heavy summer and that constant need to do something it’s just what you need to relax and recharge. It’s a great time to try new things, start new hobbies that you’ll eventually give up on in a week or two (oh yeah, fencing, wallclimbing, archery, pottery, yoga and all those other great ideas) or just sit by the fireplace or in candlelight, sipping a red wine and listening to smooth jazz.

foliage helsinki fall

The fall is also an amazing season because of foliage. From around late September to mid-October Helsinki goes from green to a million different shades of yellow, orange and red. Trees really make dying look great.

katajanokka helsinki
helsinki market squarehelsinki finland


autumn in helsinki

The fall was incredibly warm and sunny this year, ensuring a slow and long period of foliage. By October the whole city was glowing, just as the traditional October fog began to set in. I know this may be weird, but I also love the fog. Somehow it makes me feel really safe and calm.

autumn helsinki finland

autumn helsinki finland

I might be the only one, though. By late October the streets of Helsinki are markedly empty. As Helsinki is surrounded by the ocean, walking around the city in the fall makes you feel like you’re strolling around a mysterious and secluded island somewhere. Want to live in a 1940s film noir? Go to Helsinki in October!



Blue moments in Helsinki



  1. I’ve been to Herlsinki in early December. It was cold, wet and with very few hours of sunlight. I loved it!


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