Tokyo’s Trendy Shimokitazawa

shimokitazawa tokyo

Shimokitazawa is the relaxed bohemian heart of Tokyo. It’s aesthetic is unique, colorful and playfully quirky. The area is full of exciting shops and boutiques as well as restaurants and bars. The atmosphere is decidedly chill. No wonder Vogue magazine named it the trendiest neighborhood in the world in September 2014!

The food scene in Shimokitazawa (or Shimokita as the locals call it) is strongly showcasing western delicacies at the moment, with Italian style pasta dishes and Scandinavian blueberry pies popping up everywhere while local hipsters wait in line en masse to get some frozen yogurt. I guess all this is exotic in Japan.

city country city shimokitazawa tokyo

city country city tokyo

City Country City is a great place for lunch as well as vinyl LP shopping

earthquake tokyo elevator

Frequent earthquakes have brought these signs to elevators all around Shimokitazawa

shimokitazawa tokyo

More charming and less chaotic than other parts of the city, Shimokitazawa is still very much alive. The streets are dotted with noisy restaurants as well as second hand stores and antique stores filled with forgotten valuables. Every now and then the narrow streets fill up with outdoor markets and curious people browsing through the offerings, searching for treasures.

tokyo street food

Tasty street food at an outdoor market in Shimokitazawa



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