Sweet Little Spiez

spiez switzerland

Switzerland is full of incredibly beautiful sights and cities, each one more beautiful than the next. It’s almost difficult to understand how this much beauty can exist in such a dense concentration.

Spiez can definitely hold it’s own when it comes to the beauty contest between quaint villages in the Swiss Alps. Nestled right at the foot of the mountains, near Interlaken and the impeccably enchanting Lauterbrunnen, this village is breathtakingly beautiful.

spiez switzerland

The small village is surrounded by turquoise lake water, a lush green mountain range and thriving vineyards. It takes a lot of self control not to jump out of excitement in places like these, it really does.

spiez castle switzerland

spiez castle switzerland

Spiez Schloss or Spiez Castle is rather humble but very beautiful and very fitting of the scenery surrounding it. The castle’s courtyard is a wonderful place to spend a sunny afternoon, gazing out into the endless shades of green and blue.

spiez switzerland

spiez interlaken switzerland

train travel switzerland

Extremely Swiss views from the train ride between Spiez and Interlaken

train travel switzerland interlaken



  1. photozuercherin94

    Just beautiful! 🙂


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