Travel Diary: Tel Aviv, February 2011

tel aviv israel

21.2.2011 First Impressions

The immigration and customs line at the airport was ridiculously long last night and the interrogations (“who are you? what do you do? why are you here?”) were a bit intrusive, but it was all worth it. Today I woke up to the sound of waves hitting the beach, walked out to my very own private terrace and looked out over the seashore with the sun warm on my face. It’s all good.

tel aviv beach

22.2.2011 The Season is the Reason

February is not exactly high season in Tel Aviv, so there’s basically nobody else on the beach but me, a few fanatic windsurfers and a weird older gentleman digging for something in the sand. I don’t miss the crowds at all, it’s great to walk along the incredibly long beach and just get lost in thought.

tel aviv

tel aviv israel

23.2.2011 Higher and Higher

I sneaked into the Migdal Shalom office building today to get a glimpse of the best views over the entire city. The skyscraper has elevators going up from the lobby to these under-construction levels that have nothing but windows. I don’t think I was breaking any big rules, but I still tried to pretend like I was going up to a business meeting… In short shorts and sandals, of course!

tel aviv israel


I’ve listened to every song Israel has ever sent to the Eurovision Song Contest like six times now and I just can’t stop. Hasheket Shenishar is probably my favorite…

tel aviv allenby street

tel aviv

25.2.2011 Allenby Street

The main street of the city is really cool, starting from the beach and stretching really far inland, crossing at one point the Shuk Ha’Carmel, Tel Aviv’s fun outdoor market – the best place to get some baklava and pomegranate juice!

Along the street there’s also a bunch of Bauhaus architecture, a beautiful synagogue and lots of other cool stuff. I like getting lost in the smaller roads crossing the street and finding new cool things behind every corner.

tel aviv

tel aviv


tel aviv

26.2.2011 HUMMUS

I had the best hummus in the entire world today. I’ve naturally been eating hummus every day for the last week, and every sampling seems to be better than the last. Today’s was just incredible. Simple and delicious. I sorta don’t want to eat anything else anymore. I kinda want to bathe in it.

26.2.2011 Two Sides to One City

Tel Aviv is a fun mixture of old and new. There’s a brand new skyscraper rising behind every mosque and synagogue.

tel aviv jaffa

tel aviv jaffa

tel aviv beach

27.2.2011 Jaffa

Jaffa sort of functions as the unofficial old town of Tel Aviv. The ancient harbor town has a great atmosphere and some great restaurants and antique shops. It’s also messy and loud, just like life should be.

The walk from Tel Aviv to Jaffa along the beach promenade is really great. I can’t get enough of the sound of those waves…

tel aviv


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