Belgium for Foodies

brussels belgium

brussels belgium mont des arts

I must admit, I never really thought of Belgium as a delicious foodie destination. That is, until I actually went to Belgium. Turns out everything they do or make is delicious!

Belgian Waffles

belgian waffles brussels belgium

belgian waffles belgium

There are two kinds of waffles in Belgium, but Liége waffles or Gaufre de Liège are the absolute winner of this contest. These tasty treats have caramelized sugar in the dough that makes them absolutely irresistible.

The aromatic and flaky waffles are traditionally eaten with just a sprinkling of powdered sugar, if that. Only tourists seem to enjoy the crazy ones with nutella, whipped cream, jam, bananas, sprinkles and everything else under the sun. My motto? Don’t be a tourist, be a traveler. Be a citizen of the world.

anneessens brussels belgium

Belgian Frites

belgium for foodies

belgian frites belgium for foodies

Never mind the name, french fries actually originated in Belgium, and this is where they’re still the most delicious. That’s because Belgian frites are fried TWICE. That’s right.

According to Belgian potato people, the only choice in variety of potato for frites is Bintje. Nearly every street corner in Belgium has a small stall or kiosk selling these incredibly crispy and greasy sticks with a varying selection of sauces. Samourai and Tunisienne are my favorites, but a plain mayo also works great. Will you have a heart attack after eating this for lunch? Probably. Worth it? Definitely.

mussels in brussels belgium

mussels in brussels

Yes, Belgium is renowned for its waffles, fries, chocolate and beer… The small country seems to have given the world an endless list of tasty gifts. One of the things I was most excited to try? A big pot of mussels – mostly because I wanted to use #musselsinbrussels on instagram. Just as I arrived in town, signs everywhere were screaming Elles sont arrivée – they have arrived. It was mussels season. Finally.

The only way to enjoy mussels is with a Belgian beer!

brussels belgium

brussels belgium

Belgian Chocolate

belgian chocolate

belgian chocolate

neuhaus chocolaterie brussels


Belgian chocolate definitely deserves a special mention. Actually it deserves all the praise it gets. I’ve never really been a big fan of chocolate, but in Belgium I finally found the chocolate lover that had been hiding inside me.

The streets are dotted with chocolateries, each one more exciting than the other, filled with incredible chocolatey creations. I especially love Neuhaus and La Belgique Gourmande for their great selections.

The best thing about these chocolate shops? They all offer a wide range of free samples. You can easily spend a week in Brussels just touring the chocolate shops and living on a diet of chocolate and cookies, for free!





maison dandoy speculoos

speculoos belgium

Speculoos is this incredible cookie butter spread made from a Belgian cinnamon cookie. I am literally in love with this creamy spread and I probably doubled my weight last summer spooning this stuff right out of the jar.

belgian cheese brussels

belgian markets

brussels night markets

belgian night markets

Belgian Night Markets

In addition to chocolate shops and street food stalls, I spent a lot of time in Brussels’ lively and fun night markets. Every day of the week in the summer months some square in the city becomes a hub of wine and food related fun until late in the evening. People gather to catch up, grab an after-work drink, to enjoy. The atmosphere is relaxed and classy, very European. Much like Belgium itself.

anneessens brussels belgium



  1. Oh yum! This has made me really hungry! I have been to Brussels two years ago, but just booked a second trip for July! I can’t wait to eat my way through all of this! I know we are not ‘meant’ to eat our Waffles with toppings, but have you tried the Speculoos sauce on waffles? It’s SO NICE.


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