One Night at Chateau Marmont

chateau marmont hollywood los angeles

chateau marmont west hollywood los angeles

Chateau Marmont has housed many of Hollywood’s greatest legends throughout the years, and in doing so it’s also become a Hollywood legend on its own. The hotel, built in the 1920s, has been known as an infamous haven to Hollywood’s elite for decades. The Chateau has housed everyone from golden age stars like Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean to contemporary stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence.

Back in the 1950s Elizabeth Taylor had a standing reservation on the penthouse suite for several years, just in case. Sofia Coppola filmed most of her film Somewhere here. Lindsay Lohan actually lived at the Chateau for years, until she ran into some trouble and got evicted due to unpaid bills.

Chateau Marmont has 63 rooms, some of which are detached cabins and bungalows located in the lush hotel grounds. The atmosphere is intimate, calm and decadent. The rooms have soft jazz music waiting for guests, five star service continues from start to finish and the impeccable style and atmosphere invite visitors to a wonderful world of excess, something that Hollywood is definitely known for.

There is an abundance of everything, and no need to worry about tomorrow. There is only now.

chateau marmont poolchateau marmont los angeles


chateau marmont los angelesEndless Charm at the Chateau

The pool area is idyllic and charming, sort of like a French farmland oasis, but I heard Kirsten Dunst lets her dogs swim in the pool, so a dip might not be the best idea.

Photography on the hotel grounds is severely forbidden, to give the hotel guests some privacy, even for a small moment. Me? Well, I was snapping secret forbidden pics with my phone whenever the possibility presented itself. I did leave people alone and focused on the scenery, though!

If I had to describe Chateau Marmont with just one word, I would say charming. The same charm is clearly evident all around the hotel, the lively restaurant and the glitzy bar (located in a separate building).

chateau marmontchateau marmont

Chateau Marmont was my first impression of Los Angeles when I first visited the city in May 2013, and it was all of my prejudices and expectations rolled into one beautiful package. For a moment the Chateau made me feel like a Hollywood legend, until the paparazzi waiting outside refused to take my picture.

The evening quickly escalated from wholesome fun to wild and decadent. Naturally I spent a few too many moments at Bar Marmont… I blame the flirty bartender for getting me too drunk.

chateau marmont party

chateau marmont hollywood

The next morning I woke up with the worst hangover I’ve ever had. With shaky hands I ate a few sour patch kids, dragged myself to the pool and hoped to live through this ordeal. Slowly I started to regain some memory of the previous night. Suddenly all of my mystery bruises and my broken cellphone and my empty bank account made sense. It was a really great night.


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