Saint Lucia

marigot bay saint lucia

Saint Lucia is a lush tropical paradise in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, nestled between the islands of Barbados and Martinique. In addition to the obvious breathtaking scenery and relaxing beach days, the island nation offers a vast array of activities: mountain climbing, rainforest hiking, boating, visiting the Caribbean’s only drive-in volcano… Or just enjoy the calypso music and cocktails served in coconut shells while lounging on a beautiful beach.

marigot bay saint luciamarigot bay saint lucia

Marigot Bay is one of the most incredible places I’ve ever seen. The entire island is incredibly beautiful, like a huge emerald in the middle of the Caribbean, but Marigot Bay takes the beauty to the next level. Look in any direction and you’ll see postcard perfect views.

The delightfully unpretentious and relaxed island atmosphere is remarkably catchy, and it’s especially easy to get in touch with the true Caribbean spirit at the Marigot Beach Club. The fantastic hotel is only accessible by boat, and offers guided meditation, yoga and pilates, as well as rainforest hikes and assorted health foods, so you can turn this island vacation into a wonderful wellness retreat!

marigot beach club saint luciamarigot bay saint lucia caribbean

Located at the edge of a rainforest, the surrounding area has an abundance of coconut and mango trees as well as wild aloe vera to sooth those pesky sunburns after a beach day. This tropical paradise is dotted with small cottages, with white wicker furniture and shades of pastel reminiscent of old Bond films. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, the hotel owner’s ex-wife was a Bond girl in the ’80s.

marigot beach club saint lucia caribbeanmarigot beach club saint lucia

The sea water is pretty much the same temperature as the surrounding air, and nights are just as hot as days. Some nights I would just lay on the terrace for hours and gaze in amazement at the wonderful world in front of me – tall palm trees swaying in the warm breeze, the moonlight reflecting off the shimmering ocean and the incredibly clear starry sky. Behind me, a rainforest with all its native noises.
marigot bay beach saint lucia caribbeanmarigot bay ferry saint lucia

marigot bay beach saint lucia

Saint Lucian cuisine is pretty much made up of fresh seafood and amazing tropical fruits. Fresh coconut, cocoa beans, papaya, mango, cashew-nuts, and of course the islands own Chairman’s Reserve Rum are a must here. Marigot Bay also has several great restaurants:

Rainforest Hideaway

It would be misleading to call Rainforest Hideaway the best restaurant in marigot Bay, because actually this restaurant is one of the most memorable dinner experiences I’ve ever had anywhere. The restaurant can only be accessed by boat, or from Marigot Beach, through a narrow pier crossing through a winding natural tunnel of mangroves.

The restaurant is located on a pier, right on the beautiful bay. The restaurant brags with its celebrity clientele, with pictures of Oprah, Debra Messing and Bono displayed proudly, but they don’t really need to – the food is enough to convince anyone. Try the incredible coconut pumpkin soup, some fresh marlin or mahi mahi and the best desserts on the island. Wednesdays and Saturdays have the added bonus of live music. Make reservations early.


This sweet and simple outdoor restaurant at the Marigot Beach Club is a great place to try some of the island’s specialties, such as fried conch or breadfruit with banana ketchup!

Chateau Mygo

Across the bay, easily accessible by car, is the lovely Chateau Mygo, offering delicious fare such as the traditional roti – a coconutty curry with chicken, fish or veg. Great views to the open sea.

roti caribbean food saint luciafresh cocoa beans saint lucia

soufriere saint luciamorne coubaril saint lucia

Morne Coubaril is a lovely old plantation located at the outskirts of the island’s capital, Soufrière. The place offers a great opportunity to get acquainted with the island’s rich history… and lots of coconuts. Nearby you can also swim under cascading waterfalls or bathe in hot springs, and visit the aforementioned drive-in volcano, of course.

fresh coconut saint lucia caribbean

waterfall saint lucia caribbeanwaterfall saint lucia caribbean

rainforest saint lucia caribbean

The island is filled with lush tropical greenery and rainforests

saint lucia sailing caribbean

Simultaneously rugged and lush, the island can best be enjoyed by sailing around it. The weather can go from foggy and gray to sunny and hot in a matter of minutes. The best thing to do is just enjoy what nature has to offer. Try some Caribbean rum punch and stop by any of the dozens of deserted beaches and coves waiting to be discovered.

saint lucia caribbeansaint lucia sailing pitons

Gros Piton and Petit Piton: The majestic mountains are the biggest landmark of the island

gros piton petit piton pitons saint luciayachting saint lucia caribbean soufriere



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