Beautiful Budapest

budapest hungary

Budapest is an incredibly beautiful city. The Hungarian capital is pierced by the river Danube, with Buda on the West bank and Pest in the East. Several cast iron bridges crossing the river open to wonderful views of both sides of this wonderful city.

The delightfully atmospheric Budapest is full of wonderful gothic architecture, interesting sights and rich cultural heritage. Moving from one neighborhood to the next can bring to mind Paris, London, Berlin or Istanbul. Budapest may bring to mind other European cities, but nevertheless it also has a very strong identity of its own, offering several unique and memorable thrills.

budapest hungary danube

budapest hungary

Budapest is a city made for walking. From narrow cobblestone streets to grand promenades and regal old bridges, the scenery keeps changing with every step. Walking around the city can even feel like traveling 100 years back in time. Walk around the city and see all of its beauty, stopping to watch swans gliding across the river or to try some esterházy torte at a classy café before moving on to the next adventure.

budapest hungary

Gellérthegyi Barlang or Gellért Hill Cave is a small church built into solid rock and it is really cool. The front offers great views over the city. Budapest castle and the Fisherman’s Bastion are also definitely worth a visit, for all that wonderful architecture and even better views.

budapest fisherman's bastion

budapest castlebudapest castle

budapest jewish cemetery

Budapest’s Jewish quarter has a haunting beauty that stays with you for a long time. The granite facades of most buildings are scarred by bullet holes and dents, permanent memories from bombings decades ago. However, there’s more to the area than historic relevance – it’s full of great relaxed restaurants!

budapest jewish quarter

budapest jewish quarter

budapest architecture

budapest food market hall

Nagy Vasacsarnok is Budapest’s biggest Market Hall, full of authentic culinary delights

For Sale, Vámház körút 2 – My Favorite Restaurant in Budapest

for sale budapest restaurant bar

For Sale is one of the weirdest and most memorable dinners I’ve had in any city. The floors are covered in hay and peanut shells. The walls and ceiling of the cavernous multi-story restaurant are plastered with notes left by customers. You can also find business cards, ID’s and other assorted mementos from earlier guests stuck to the walls. I’ve even seen a few tickets for flights departing from Budapest – apparently someone liked it so much they decided to stay.

for sale budapest

budapest night danube


Budapest is at its most beautiful after dark. The city bathes in a golden light, with the street lamps creating a wonderful world of shadows in between.

The bridges are beautifully lit at night, also casting some glow on the Danube. Walking on the banks of the river is a popular pastime in the city at night.

That’s not the only nighttime activity, though. The city, just like most Eastern European cities, is full of lively nightclubs and bars, with most basements blaring music ranging from classic jazz to East European techno.

budapest jazz club

budapest at night


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